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Almaciguetrix  October 5, 2012 – 12:23 am
Muchos nos conocen pero pocos saben de nuestras aventuras.
Los miembros de Almacigueros sabemos por propia experiencia que hay una gran diferencia entre conocer el camino y andar el camino. Sí, nosotros en su momento tomamos la flipadina roja y entramos en la madriguera de conejos, descubriendo la verdad sobre Almaciguetrix. No, no se trata de un galo compañero de Asterix y Obelix, sino de todo lo que nos rodea y que nos mantiene esclavos bajo una ilusión para utilizarnos como pilas.
Pero Almacigueros lleva luchando contra Almaciguetrix mucho tiempo. Desenmascarando a sus agentes trajeados y con gafas de sol chulo-playa: Jeloy, Sor Friki, Godelgorf, Pendelton y Wellington son sólo algunos de ellos, a los que debemos enfrentarnos dia a dia para liberar a la humanidad.
Ya sabeis: No intenteis doblar la cuchara... la cuchara no existe.

Source: almacigueros.blogspot.com

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First, the back-story: I tried my hand at answering a question on answers.yahoo.com a few days ago-a question on planetary orbits that both the asker and the responders seemed to be having trouble focusing upon.

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... gain some admirers among a more mature audience.
For many teenagers who know Cyrus from the sugarcoated Disney series, the picture of their favorite actress covered only with a white sheet may be a huge shock. The photo shoot taken for the Vanity Fair magazine uncovers a new, unknown side of the young celebrity.

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It seems like the Miley Cyrus naked rumors just won't stop. First there was the rumors that Cyrus would appear naked in Playboy, that wasn't true.

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... phone before she put her cloths back on. All I have to say is, Wow! She is really hot! Why is she not a model instad of a singer?

But anyway, this is probably the end of her career. She can't get away with this indecency at a concert with minors. Most of those kids were 5 years old.

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  • Avatar chris Where do u watch the hannah montana movie online for free?
    Aug 13, 2009 by chris | Posted in Movies

    Hey. i really wanna see the hannah montana movie online but i want it to be free tho.i also want to see it cause lucas Till is in it!!!can u please help me?

    • TRY HERE You can watch here: is free but you have to fill a short survey to watch. cheers !

  • Avatar mrs.robinhood Where can i watch hannah montana movie online?
    Jun 06, 2009 by mrs.robinhood | Posted in Movies

    Does anybody know where i can watch hannah montana movie online without any like downloading to do or viruses? x

    • You can watch the hannah montana movie online at free of cost without downloading at the movie Have a nice day

  • Avatar Melloyello Where can I watch the Hannah Montana movie online?
    Apr 13, 2009 by Melloyello | Posted in Movies

    My niece won't stop asking to see the movie.. Are there any free site's .. where you don't need to download anything online?

    • I've been wondering forever too! I just found it Version number 1. I'm watching it as we speak. It's not bad quality at all for being taped in the theater. There are 2 parts to it so half way through you will have to click on part 2 but other than that it's almost perfect! Hope I helped.